Buck’s Ski Emporium or the Mountain Ski Shop?

So we know our ability level, have picked out a few options to consider, and are ready to go for it and head out to make a purchase. But where to go? Sure, Buck’s Ski Emporium might have rock bottom prices, but do you want to take advice on skis from the same guy selling fishing tackle? If you know exactly what you want and don’t need the salesperson for anything other than ringing up your order, then go where you get the best deal.

However, if you have a few questions and want some good advice, consider a reputable shop with skiers for salespeople. Mountain ski shops, for example, typically have skiers working the floor, who should be able to offer valuable and accurate advice. In order to get an idea of the salesperson’s knowledge level, consider asking a few of these questions: do you the salesperson if they ski, what they ski on and why, have they tried the gear you are looking at or what their recommendations are.

And one last thing: regardless of which shop you choose always go for the freebies, which could include free poles, free mounting and/or lifetime tune-ups.

There you have it — a little friendly advice to get you on track and into the right equipment. So go for it — get on some new gear and this winter and tear up the slopes. Good luck and pick a winner!

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