Can My House and Office Space Be Happier and Healthier? Post 3

Step 6. Choose Fabric, Colors and Textures.
Think of the fabrics and rugs as chords of music. Do they make a harmonious sound together?
Use your sixth sense to feel or see if what you have placed in an ensemble works well together.

Step 7. Complete the Circle.

You may need to buy some new furniture or accessories. Be sure you can return them if they don’t pass the joy, scarf test. And, of course, don’t forget about function. Can people easily do what they need to do in the space? Is it comfortable to the body?
These are just a few suggestions to start you on your way to Feng Shui. Use Feng Shui as a tool to create a living and working space that can support you in harmony, peace, health and joy. This can be fun as well as efficient.

Remember that different things create different energy patterns. Look for the most dominant shapes in your home or office. Angles create very important energy patterns. The ancient Egyptians even knew this when creating their living and resting-places.

Another important factor in a building or room is proportion. Each shape or proportion gives off sound waves beyond your hearing range, yet these are vibrations that can affect your mind and body. You can identify with this by how you feel when hearing different types of music. Color, light, texture, and patterns all create their own unique energy patterns. Think of these factors as musical instruments in a symphony. You are going to be playing with them to create a harmonious environment in which you will live.

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