Pressure Point Fighting. Part 1

Rounding out this introductory pressure point discussion, yin/yang, five-element theory: harmonics, intent, energetic transfer, breath and visualization.

At the end, I have included my e-mail address for questions or comments, which will be answered next time, along with a FAQ, which should cover most of the answers you will ask.

Each of the meridians mentioned in the first article are either negative or positive, yin or yang. The points themselves are also possessed of individual polarity. In order to make use of this knowledge one wishes to contact opposites, for instance, connecting yin liver meridian/point with yang large intestine meridian/point. More than two can obviously be used, though for practical purposes situational modifiers limit one. Polarity is important not only for which point/meridian you are striking on, but also for which part of your body is used to make contact with.

In the same vein, the five-element theory is used, in the form of the cycle of destruction, to determine which meridians and in what order they are to be struck. For instance, there are five elements, and in the destruction model metal and fire are allergic, opposite, and fire burns or melts the metal, thereby creating a negative effect. Combining this law with the polar law of yin and yang, one would contact yin metal lung with yang wood gallbladder. It is important to keep in mind, when dealing with the elements, that it is only a model representing relationships using names like fire and water to classify the elements and show how they interact with each other. The element theory is also known as the five phases, which more aptly describes what the elements really are, which is a state of being in a cycle of change.

Harmonics involves a vibration, of specific frequency, depending on where you are striking, riding up from the feet/ankles and out through the hands, this trembling force creates change faster than the mind and body can deal and is very effective when combined with joint locking and also does some nasty things to the insides when applied to striking.

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