Pressure Point Fighting. Part 2

Energetic transfer is a study all its own, complete with its own training and theory, apart from pressure points and fighting. It involves using breath and mind and body movement, to bring chi, energy, up to the hands to project out and into your opponent, attacking at the points for effect, as they are ideal places to inject such energies. Doing so sets up an energetic disruption in the body, much like an electric current passing through the body, which can cause a whole range of effects, though rendering one unconscious is the one we are concerned with here. If one were to pass a current from the front to the back of the skull, for example, an unconscious state similar to that of anesthesia is produced. Many do not believe in energetics, though I have found it to work.

The last element of pressure point fighting that I will speak of here is that of intent. Yes, what you intend to do is important, so if one wishes to knock someone else out, one must intend to do it. When doing a knockout one should think of his opponent or practice partner as unconscious, already knocked out.

Using these theories and laws one can construct elaborate and complex techniques and strikes, though one should keep in mind that under the stresses of combat and violence it may become impractical to use intricate, complex strikes, combinations and techniques. Generally speaking, the more the simple the technique, the better its chances of actually working for you in a violent confrontation. It should also be kept in mind that all of the pieces are to be practiced at first alone and then integrated together for maximum effect. Alone, they do little, but together they are more than the sum of their parts. One does not, for instance, have to use the five-element set; the techniques merely work better with the integration of the applied theory.

So, those are the pieces of the pressure point puzzle, as I have come to understand them, at least in an introductory capacity, as this article is in no way complete. For that, one should seek a teacher and check back here for future articles, elaborating on the subjects brought up in this piece as well as others. Check back next time for a question and answer session, including where to find out more.

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