Sherry’s Journal: Week One. Part 1

This has been a sporadic week for me — both with exercise and food. My husband was out of town most of the week, so I was left in charge of our 10-month old yellow lab, which was a mixed blessing. I feel guilty if I don’t take him out for exercise, so he is good motivator, but exercising with him isn’t always optimal — some time is dedicated to him pulling me down the path and some to me pulling him. Do I get any bonus points for resistance training?

As you can see from my exercise log, I have a long way to go before I meet your 30-minute goal. I often exercise with my excited puppy, so stretching doesn’t really seem like an option at that time. Can you give me any suggestions besides leaving him at home?

My major accomplishment was that I did at least some exercise every day. I am not surprised that I have a great deal of resistance to wanting to exercise, since by nature I am sedentary. Hopefully, as I move forward (no pun intended) that natural resistance can be whittled away. I think I need to make the stretching more of a consistent pattern. So far it isn’t a habit.

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