Sherry’s Journal: Week One. Part 3

Your diet is full of vegetables, which is great, but beware your salad dressings. You will see the impact they have on your fat intake when you count fat grams this week. Select the low-fat versions; they still taste good but often have less than half the fat.

I see that you tend to eat no starches for lunch, but by the afternoon you find some. Does it feel like this strategy works for you? The starch in the afternoon, such as some pretzels, 1/2 bagel, crackers, can soothe your nerves and appetite by increasing serotonins (brain chemicals that calm us). Try a small carbohydrate snack at work, and see if it reduces the “front door syndrome” at home. Also, spend the first 15 minutes at home doing something different than usual. Stay out of the kitchen!

You might also try half a sandwich at lunch with a side salad, and then eat the send half of the sandwich about 4 p.m., before you drive home. That spaces the food intake more evenly, so dinner at 7 p.m. is not so far away.

Use the weekly food diary from now on. Continue to chart your hunger level, and when you are not hungry, consider why you are thinking about eating — is it stress, boredom, loneliness or something else? Log your fat grams at each meal and your total fat for each day.

Hope you have a good week!

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