Sherry’s Journal: Week One. Part 4

Congratulations on a very good first week of your program. Aside from your losing 1 pound, I am extremely happy that you had at least some activity every day. Consistency is one of the keys to success in reaching your fitness goals and maintaining them for a lifetime.

As far as walking your dog, I know what you mean: on one hand, the dog motivates you to walk, which is great! On the other hand, dogs do tend to go at their own pace, which can make for a disruptive walk. Still, walking your dog is highly worthwhile, and I encourage you to continue it. I have a couple of suggestions: when your dog stops to sniff or relieve itself, walk in place rather than allow your body to come to a complete stop. Make your dog “heel” at your side if it gets too out of pace with you — you should be the leader, not the dog.

Regarding your concern with fitting in stretches, simply set aside a couple of minutes upon returning from your walk. Your dog can be kept in a separate room at this time. Remember, stretching is integral to your overall program and shouldn’t be ignored.

This week I would like you to get in two or three good cardiovascular sessions of 30 minutes of continuous activity in addition to the dog walks. Follow each session with your stretches.

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